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How Enthusiastic Am I to Receive Tasks

While Prairie was playing her violin in a New York subway station, she was approached by Dr. Hunter Hap. He asked Prairie if her transcendent playing resulted from a near-death experience. She was shook because what he said was true. Her curiosity leads her to follow him to a bar, where he drops some impressive knowledge about the uniqueness of heartbeats, which real-life scientists are applying to biometric security systems.

Hap, obsessed with near-death experiences and hearing the sound a body makes when it dies, pulls out a strange device that magnifies the sound of a heartbeat from 500 feet away while the pair are seated at Grand Central Station’s oyster bar. Prairie slips on headphones and focuses the device on different people in the room, Hap told her that a heartbeat is even more unique than a fingerprint. Today, researchers are attempting to use that uniqueness to create new biometric identification systems.

In other words, they’re turning pulses into passwords. When we became born-again christians, God gave us a new heart with very unique heartbeat (Ezekiel 36:26). God also place in our hearts the will, in other words passion to carry out His purpose (Revelation 17:17). We must have passion for God, for People and for Action.

"Our Passion Determines Our Action and Direction..."

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