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How to show Respect even to those who do not Respect me?

Today, very many people are confused of who they are meant to be, and what they are supposed to do with their lives. That’s because they look at wrong places... What influences your values in life?...Money? Material Things? People around you? Culture?... None of these will stand forever. If your values are founded on these, they are bound not to last. We may only build "Values that Last" from the Bible.

It is the only source of values that will outlast the test of eternity... Just look around you, and you will see what I'm talking about. The world values eroded to alarming proportions. Our societies has become so rude and disrespectful. Just pause for short moment and think of the last time someone had been rude to you. I bet you, it's not from long ago because we are surrounded with disrespectful people.

As christians, How do we show Respect even to those who do not Respect us?.. Peter, the fisherman whom Jesus called to become His disciple taught the believers in Asia Minor (Turkey today) how to live godly lives in a pagan (godless) society. He concluded by saying, "Show respect for everyone

Love Christians everywhere. Fear God and honor the government (1 Peter 2:17)." To respect everyone even those who do not Respect us requires enormous amount of grace. In fact we need an Amazing Grace to: 1. Be Tactful and not just Truthful 2. Be Understanding and not Demanding 3. Be Gentle and not Judgmental and 4. Respect them and not Reject them.

"4 Practical Ways to Show Respect"

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