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Living a Balanced Life

Have you watched the movie of Justin Timberlake in 2011 entitled, "In Time"? In that movie, people are killing each other to gain more time. I know none of us are willing to kill anyone just to have more time, but most of us are dying to have more of it.

As your alarm clock wakes you up in the morning, you start keeping watch of time through out the day. In most days we are on our toes trying to beat time, trying to beat our schedules. Did you know that most Americans only have 8 hours or less spent on leisure per week? People are working very hard to keep things balanced. God loves balance.

The universe that He Himself created is in perfect balance. If our planet is tilted on either side, even just by one degree, we will either be toasted or frosted. Engineering is about balance. If a bridge is not balanced, it will collapse. If our life is imbalance, we will collapse. Jesus loves balance.

He equates debt, forgiveness and love. He equates work, and rest in His presence. It is not God's will if things are difficult for us. On the contrary, it is God's will for us to live a balanced life. The first four of the seven biblical principles of "Living a BALANCEd Life" are: 1. Build my life around Christ 2. Accept my humanity 3. Limit my labor and 4. Adjust my values. I will give you the remaining three next Sunday.

"Seven Biblical Principles in Living a Balanced Life."

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