• Anthony Miranda

4 Ways to FISH for Men

When I was around 12 years, an incoming freshman in high school, we lived in a village (barrio) called Buenavista. At that time, going in and out of our village felt like it was taking us forever. The roads are unpaved, the bridge was only half done and tricycles (similar to tuk-tuks in Thailand) are very scarce. On summer nights, when the moon shines bright, I remember playing with my child hood friends. We played street games such as "harayang-taga" and hide & seek. Those games reminded me of Pastor Sam Talaver. A servant of God that literally knocks on people's houses, walking with his accordion keyboard wrapped around his chest. After singing a song or two, he will start sharing the Gospel. Until one day he reached our house, and that was how we met. From the day we met he never ceased to invite me to come to their church. I guess my catholic background didn't make that decision to go very easy. At the beginning of our friendship, I really felt good listening to the things he shared with me. But over a period of some time, I felt bored. Obviously my heart was not yet ready. But Pastor Sam persistently sought me, and whenever he came to seek me, I always hide fr