• Anthony Miranda

Dad Leads Us to New Beginnings

In a couple of weeks we will be celebrating Father’s Day. Today we will begin a new series entitled “What about Dad?”. Failure is a subject that we normally don’t want to talk about. We’d rather talk about our “successes” than our “failures”. We’d rather fill up our facebook timeline with images of our successes than pictures of our failures. We always show the good things instead of the bad ones. Our minds are always conditioned to think positive, and there’s nothing wrong with that, until we completely refuse to think and talk about our failures. Refusing to deal with our failures may only lead us to more failures going forward. There is a very famous quote that goes, “failing forward”. Failure doesn’t have to be final. To better face what is ahead of us, we must determine what was behind us. I believe God wants to put our failures to work for us. You wouldn’t know what hot weather is like, if you don’t know how it feels to be cold. You would only tru