• Anthony Miranda

Eunice, The Mother of Timothy

In this series, "May is Mother's Month", we started looking into some moms whose lives are recorded in the Bible. Mothers who are significant in the history of not just christianity, but of mankind. Today let's take a look at the life of Eunice. The King James Translation of the Bible has a total of 783,137 words, out of that many many words, the name Eunice was only mentioned once. But that is not a reason why she should not be recognized for the great things she had done that made a powerful impact on the life of her son, a great young pastor of his time named Timothy. There are 3 things that we could learn from the recorded life of Eunice. Her examples shows that "Love Grows Deeper, with the help from our Mother". She passed on to Timothy a Love for the Scriptures, Genuine faith and a Desire to serve others. Hear more of it here!

"Love Grows Deeper, with the help of our Mother..."

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