• Anthony Miranda

God Has Accepted You

To begin the series for the month of June entitled "In My Father's Arms", let  us take another look in one of the most beautiful story ever written. A story whom Jesus Himself told to His disciples in the presence of some Pharisees. A story about a father with two sons. A story about the prodigal son. Maybe you've heard this story ten, a hundred, or a thousand times. Gleaning on it one more time could give us a fresh outlook of the the underlying principles that Jesus wants us to learn and understand. In the beginning of the parable was a son demanding for his share of the inheritance from his father. His father divided his wealth among his two sons, and after the younger son monetized his share, he went to a distant country and there squandered his money in wild living. Hardship came and he lost everything he got. The trend of the story shifted for the better when he came to his senses and remembered his father. First, there was Remorse, and then he Repented and eventually he began to Realize. After all these, the father have him Restored, and that brought them great reason to Rejoice. Hear more of it here!

"Road to Rejoice"

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