• Anthony Miranda

Growth as our Target

Growth is God's will for us. God desires it for us. God requires it from us. Individually to grow spiritually, and corporately (as a church) to grow numerically. In Ephesians 4:11-16, Paul said that God distributed the gifts and abilities in the church so that God's people may be equipped to build up the church. Under the Lord's direction, the whole body is fitted together, and each part in its own special way helps the other parts, so that the whole body remains HEALTHY and GROWING. Anything, or anyone that is healthy will surely grow. A church that is well connected with Jesus will definitely grow. The key however is, "Balanced Nutrition". Just like a gardener who grows his plants, we have to cultivate our spirit with Worship, plant it with Evangelism, water it with Fellowship, fertilize it with Discipleship and nurture it with Ministry. Hear more of it here

Balanced nutrition is the Key to Growth...

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