• Anthony Miranda

Hannah, The Mother of Samuel

Updated: May 11, 2018

What do you do when what you're trying to accomplish is not happening as of yet? A. Exert more effort and exhaust yourself until you have nothing more to give, B. Forget about your plan and come up with something easily doable, C. Totally abandon your hopes and simply give up, or D. Let go and let God take over?... Since May is Mothers' Month, let us take a look into the lives of some moms whose lives are recorded in the Bible. Hannah became the mother of Samuel after years and years of faithful waiting on God. Waiting on God will give you a HEART of worship. Waiting leads to Hope, it leads to Expectancy, it Leads to Acts of patience, it leads to Renewal and it leads to Trust in God. Hear more of it here!

"Waiting on God will give you a HEART of Worship..."

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