• Anthony Miranda

How to Keep Your Cool?

MORALITY is among, if not the most contentious issues of societies. It is the common cause of arguments and disagreements. Every nation has their toll in moral decay that for some leads to crisis. In the Philippines, a government-sponsored Moral Recovery Program was launched. It is hopefully intended to reverse the degradation process of their morality. In its infancy, the United States was undeniably a religious nation. This country was founded in Christianity. Sadly, it is rapidly deteriorating, and unless it is revitalized, the ideals embodied in our nation's founding documents will have no more meaning than the average politician's promise. In this new sermon series, let us learn "VALUES THAT LAST" from the Bible. To begin with, let's see how we should deal with our anger. How do you keep your cool?... Today and next Sunday, let me share with you 7 biblical steps on How to Keep your Cool. Firstly, Resolve to control your anger. Secondly, Realize the cause of your anger. Thirdly, Restrain your mouth and fourthly, Reflect before you react. Hear more of it here!

"Building my Life on Values that Last"

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