• Anthony Miranda

How to Keep Your Cool? Part 2

Last Sunday we started with our series entitled: “Values that Last”. We begun scouring the Bible for values that are universal and unchanging. In dealing with Anger, the Bible tells us of 7 things that we must do in order for us to Keep our Cool. And the first 4 was: 1. We must be Resolved to control our anger. 2. We must recognize the cause of our anger. 3. We must restrain our mouth and 4. We must Reflect before we react. King Saul's fear started to grow when God's Spirit came upon David that in everything he (David) did, he had great success. Saul's insecurities turned to bitterness and he sought to kill David. When the ladies from the villages of Israel welcomed Saul and David, they cheered for David, and that caused Saul to snap and broke an outrage against him. Anger delayed indefinitely results to bitterness. And so the 5th in our list of biblical ways how to keep our cool is to Release our anger in appropriate ways. 6. To Return good for evil. and finally, 7. To Request God's help. ☝️😇 Hear more of it here!

"Anger delayed indefinitely, results to bitterness."

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