• Anthony Miranda

I Am Me

If we are to believe the psychologists who specialize in human ears, it is possible to know a person’s personality by the shape and size of his ears. Large ears for example, when they are rounded, they show a strong nature that is concerned about truth and ideals, and also ambitious. If the ears are excessively large and fleshy, they point to a proud and pretentious nature. Small ears belong to careful and prudent people who have the gift of willpower and perseverance. They are also evidence of intelligence. As to oval ears, they are well-formed, they show wisdom. A persons with oval ears loves to study and has a desire for perfection. Ears that are cauliflower-shaped and not well-formed are the hallmark of frustrated, vulgar people without ideas and without charm. Furthermore, the difference between a person’s two ears is said to mean something. If the right is larger than the left, the person acts in instinctive ways. In him fantasy has a stronger influence than reason. If the left ear is the larger one, the person is a cerebral type who never decides things casually. Why is it important for us to understand personalities? To understand other people. To understand your strengths and weaknesses. To identify what you like and what you don’t like. To have better relationships and to establish healthy boundaries. Click here to listen to the Sermon.

My Ministry Should Be Appropriate to My Personality"
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