• Anthony Miranda

Open your Heart to Thank God

A little boy was asked by his father to say grace at the table. While the rest of the family bowed their heads, closed their eyes and waited for the boy to pray, the little guy opened one of his eyes and looked at every dish of food his mother had prepared. After the examination, he bowed his head and honestly prayed, “Lord, I don’t really like the looks of it, but I thank you for it, and I’ll eat it anyway. Amen.” It’s hard to be thankful when we are in midst of too many negative things happening around us. Furthermore, how can we thank someone we do not know? Unless we understand why we must be thankful... we can’t be truly thankful. Appreciation is Perception. And Unless we know who we shall be thankful to... we won’t be able to thank Him enough. Gratitude is based on our Attitude. We must SPARK to give thanks and know the Lord. Stop complaining. Pray with thanksgiving. Ask and believe and you shall receive. Remember to count your blessings and Know God better and better. Hear more of it here. #mysermonfortheweek

"Appreciation is perception. Gratitude is attitude..."
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