• Anthony Miranda

Papa Do Preach

On Part 3 of the Series, "In My Father's Arms", Pastor Mike talked about another father in the Bible named Jairus, a Jewish synagogue leader. It is important to note that as a Jew, it takes a lot of humility for Jairus to come to Jesus, more so for Jairus because he is not just an ordinary Jew, but a reputable leader. His 12 year old daughter was dying and against his customs and traditions, he came to Jesus pleading for mercy. He was unashamed to seek Jesus. He was persistent to have Jesus at his house, and he was bold to put faith in action. As fathers to our children, we preach not just through the words we say, but most importantly, through the things we do. Like Jairus, we must be unashamed to seek Jesus. We must be persistent to bring the Lord's presence in our homes, and we must be bold to put our faith in action. Hear more of it here!

"Let's walk our talk..."

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