• Anthony Miranda

Prayer as our Source

Who among you believe that prayer actually works? Now that you said you believe that prayer truly works, how often do you pray? When people were asked by Barna, “How do you most often pray?”... 82% said, silently by themselves. A mere 13% said, audibly by themselves. When we pray we should approach our time of prayer with the right attitude. We must Be Real. We must Be Relaxed, and we must Be Revealing. Following the example of Jesus when He taught His disciples how to pray reveals 6 Elements of Prayer: 1. Praise 2. Purpose 3. Provision 4. Pardon 5. People 6. Protection. It is the culture of our church to pray “continually” (1 Thessalonians 5:17), to pray confidently (Hebrews 4:16) and to pray corporately (Matthew 18:19). David’s prayer shows the Heart of Prayer. Heart that is Pure (Psalm 51:10). Heart that is Repentant (Psalm 51:2). Heart that is Adoring (2 Samuel 7:22) , and Heart that is Yearning (2 Samuel 7:25). Hear more of it here!

"Heart of Prayer"

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