• Anthony Miranda

Season of Encouragement

Updated: Oct 10, 2017

This noisy world tends to suppress the small but very powerful voice of God. Hearing God is just like tuning into a radio station. If you miss the frequency even just by a fraction of a digit, or a hairline twist on your dial knob, you’ll miss it. Distractions in life

are like “magnetic fields” that

distorts the clarity of its sound. It takes focus, practice, and consistency until you can truly hear the Lord speaking to you clearly. All of us needs a "Season of Clarity & Encouragement". A time in our lives when we must be silent when we must be still. Life is like sailing at sea, sometimes it's calm, sometimes it's rough. We can only come out strong when we Stay with the Lord, Align our focus on God and Invite Him into our lives. Let's cross to the other side! Hear more of it here. #mysermonfortheweek

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