• Anthony Miranda

Servanthood is our Attitude!

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Which human culture is the healthiest in the world? I guess no one can tell for a certain. Why? I supposed that whoever is doing the survey will claim that his culture is the healthiest. But seriously, we can hardly tell because it’s completely dependent on the metrics you’ll use to ascertain this question. If you’re going to use longevity as a parameter to the question, then perhaps you’ll say Japan has the healthiest culture in the planet. If it’s about friendliness, probably you’ll say Philippines because Filipinos are known for their hospitality and close family ties. The same is true with churches, no single church could claim that their culture is the “healthiest”. If you would equate health to numbers, then you could say that mega churches are the healthiest. If you will equate health to good fellowship, then you could say that small churches with small groups are the healthiest. Every church has their own culture, their own DNA, so to speak. Today and the weeks to come, let's talk about "Church culture". After Jesus formed His disciples, they immediately started serving the people. In Agape, "Servanthood is our Attitude." The MARK of a good Servant are.. 1. Must do everything without complaining. 2. Always work with enthusiasm. 3. Resist Quarrel. 4. Kind to everyone. Hear more of it here! 

"The MARK of a good Servant"
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