• Anthony Miranda

Together We Experience Love

There are words that are closely associated together that they are inseparable. Some of the examples are, salt and pepper. Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. Adam and Eve. Hide and seek. Pros and cons. Jack and Jill and many many more. But what do people think when they heard the word church? You may have a word in your mind, but it’s not likely the same for everyone. There’s nothing inseparable association, it depends on your church experience. The association could be negative, positive or anywhere in between. But what if the word that automatically came to mind with church is love? I want to challenge us as a church to consider what it would take to build an inseparable link between church and love so that when the world hears the word church, their immediate association is love. Besides, the name of our church is Agape and it corresponds to the highest form of love. Un