• Anthony Miranda

Use it, or Lose it!

In America, 40% of food goes to waste simply because they expired before they're consumed. When we don't use our muscles, we lose them. When we don't use the knife, it becomes blunt. When we don't stay in touch with our friends, we lose our connection with them. When we don't use our "Abilities", we're

cheating ourselves. No matter who you are, God gave you special abilities. He had a great deal of investment on your life. He created you, He Shaped you and He gave His only Son Jesus Christ for you. He wants you to use your God-given abilities to Uplift Him, to Serve others, to be a good Example to others, to generate your Income and To build up the church. Hear more of it here. #mysermonfortheweek

"God gave you abilities, use it!"

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