• Anthony Miranda

When the Heat is On!

Do you remember the song entitled “The Heat is On” by Glenn Frey back in 1984 popularized by the movie “Beverly Hills Cop” starred by Eddie Murphy? It is a secular song, though what it meant somehow makes sense to our lives as christians living in a pagan country. This culture and generation is putting a lot of heat on us. To the Islam Religion, we are “infidels”. To Radical Islam, we are the most favorite target of terrorism. Though this country was founded in christianity, but our society is changing. In many ways, this country is beginning to look like Babylon. It is a country of different peoples and languages. With various cultures and religions, trying its best to stay “united”. Well, at least its name sounds “united”, “United” States of America. Only deaf ears and blind eyes could say, that the people of this nation are completely okay. The silent majority are groaning quietly. The more vocal sectors of society, are crying loudly. The leaders of the country are divided sharply. What should you do, when the heat is on you? Hang on, help is coming. Expect that God is able to deliver you. Announce your loyalty to God and Trust in Him. Hear more of it here! #mysermonfortheweek

"There will be Tests, for every Success."

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