• Anthony Miranda

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Many Christians neglected the Holy Spirit. Most likely it is unintentional, or simply because they don't know since nobody told them about the Spirit of God. We talk a lot about the Father and the Son while the Holy Spirit is ignored by many, despite of the fact that the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity being the third Person. A three-legged stool will not stand without one of its legs. Like a bulb, it won't light unless it is connected to a power source using some sort of conduits that allows the electricity to flow to light up the bulb. The source of power is God the Father, the conduit is God the Son, the electricity is God the Holy Spirit while the bulb represents us. The Holy Spirit makes the Word of God personal. He gives us the GRIT of a true Christian. He Guides us, He Reminds us, He Intercedes for us and He Teaches us. Hear more of it here. #mysermonfortheweek

"The Holy Spirit Makes God's Word Personal..."

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