• Anthony Miranda

You are Called to Become

You were created for God’s pleasure. You’re first calling in life is to be loved by God. Letting God love you is the bedrock of everything that happens in your life. Second is to belong to his family—the church, and thirdly, is to become like Jesus. You are not going to be god, but God does want you to be godly. In Romans 8:28-29 you are clearly chosen by God and he is calling you to live out your purpose. Your calling in life is your purpose in life. Your first three calling are actually blocks building on top of each other. You love the Lord your God—that’s Worship. You belong to his family (church), and that is Fellowship. And in his church you will be discipled to become like Christ. Your goal is to become the man or the woman that God wants you to be. The bible used the word race to describe your journey following Jesus. Your race is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. From the book of Hebrews you will find principles how to run your particular race to finish well in your marathon to maturity. Click here to listen to the Sermon.

“Running Your Marathon to Maturity”
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