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What is the real purpose of Christmas? It's interesting when you ask people this question and receives varying answers that points to shopping, vacationing, family gathering, gift giving and partying. It is not surprising that many now a days aren't really sure, or worst, not completely aware of the true purpose of Christmas. Everyone is saying that this is the best time of the year and yet, people tends to become crazy during this season.

Traffic are jammed, flights are overbooked, prices are surging, phone networks are busy, social media are flooded with posts, shopping malls are filled with hot-tempered people and crimes against property are rising. This is what happens when the world steals the reason for this season. When the world removes Christ from Christmas. When people replaces Christ with "X".

When people say happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas. When people argue about what is politically correct and incorrect. Every year we hear preachings about Love, Peace and Hope. But the picture we see surrounding us today doesn't look very loving. It doesn't appear to be peaceful. And surely does not project hope. This season, I'm not going to preach on those things.

Why? because, you already heard significant amount of information concerning those things. We need to hear something different. Something that leads to transformation. But before any transformation could ever take place, there should be preparation. Information, preparation then transformation is the the cycle of growth. One cannot go ahead of the other.

It should always be in this order. After Mary received the information from the Angel sent by God, let’s learn from what she did for her preparation to become the mother of Jesus that ushered transformation to mankind. Preparedness starts with willingness. Are you READY to? Reach out to your community? Educate people about the truth concerning Jesus? Assemble a Life Group in your neighborhood? Dedicate your time, talent and treasure for the works of God? Yield your heart to Jesus?

"Preparedness starts with Willingness..."

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