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Together We Find Peace

Could you imagine that these pieces of plastic are worth billions of dollars? The Danish toy company that began in the 1930s has built a Lego empire around the building bricks that they introduced in the 1950s. Individually, Legos are just cheap pieces of plastic—and, it’s a cause of great distress to parents who, in the darkness of night, step on the lone Lego left on the bedroom floor. But despite their basic design, the magic is in the way they fit together. And together these plastic pieces can be made into fantastic creations.

The church is like Legos. A collection of individuals of various sizes, shapes, and colors. Individually, we may not be much to look at, but when we come together the way God intended, we form the Church, which is a creation much greater than the individual members. God takes our chaos and, by His design, makes something spectacular and gives us purpose. Our world seeks peace in so many different ways.

We seek peace among nations, peace in our cities, peace in our families, peace in our churches, and peace in our own minds and hearts. Paul talks about the concept of finding peace together in the presence of God, in the unity of believers, and in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

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